The Whiskey Flats
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The Whiskey Flats
   I Hope I Don't Die
   in Texas

Doug Barry
   Open Highway

Doug Barry &
Matt Perich
   Strange Twist


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I Hope I Don't Die in Texas

(Austin, TX) I hope I don't die in Texas. I'm in a jail cell lying here awaiting my fate. I hope the Governor learns the truth before the time is too late. Cont'd

©2000 Douglas R. Barry


Baltimore Harbor from Federal Hill Park, August 13, 2014

Tomorrow's Memories

(Baltimore, MD - August 12, 2014) Tomorrow will be one year already since we lost my Mom. I can’t keep from feeling sad this week, but I want most of my focus to be on celebrating her life, and I regret not doing more to preserve everyone’s memories in the weeks after she passed away. I think everyone should write and collect stories about their loved ones. We had so many great stories a year ago. I wanted to write them all down, but life gets in the way, and you keep putting it off until you can’t remember them all anymore. Memories are the most important thing you can pass on to your family. Your children and grandchildren can make money and buy luxuries. If they manage money well, they will do well, and if they can’t manage money, what you leave them won’t last anyway. I would tell you not to just record that your father was an electrician and your mother was a secretary, but write down those events that show their personality, that show who they really were as a person.
     For those of us still here, I’m reminded how short life is. My mother looked forward to all the things she would be able to do in her retirement and spent years of that time sick and in a wheelchair. I would tell you to figure out what you really want in life, and all the steps you must take to get it. If you are not willing to take those steps, I would tell you to find another dream, and to do that sooner, rather than later. If you have a family, work out what you want together. Don’t spend your life just surviving. That won’t be the memory you will want in your final days, and I think spending those last days with regret is one of the worse feelings someone can have.
     A lot has happened over the past year. We successfully fought to keep my mother’s home in the family. We settled the estate, and are still working on how to structure our future lives and living arrangements. I ran for public office (unsuccessfully, but I learned what I need to pursue that dream in the future). I find myself re-evaluating what’s important to me, and looking at how to get what I really want out of life. I find myself wanting to be a better person. I don’t know for certain what happens when we leave this world, but I don’t want to hurt whatever chance I have of seeing my mother again. This week, I find my mind wandering a lot, as it will be again in two weeks on my mother’s birthday. I’m sad that we lost my Mom at what I would consider a young age (just shy of 78), but more importantly, I’m grateful for all the years we had with her, and the number of lives she touched. Those are memories I would like to keep for the rest of my life. ~ Douglas R. Barry   Twitter @BaltimoreDoug

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Open Highway

Once could we just do things my way?
You might see something good.
Try to work with me a little when I think you should.
There's been times you made me feel so happy, times you made me sad.
Though I know that you've never meant to, do anything that's bad.

All this time and you barely know me.
Did you know there's so much to see?
Did you know whenever we're together, that you bring out the best in me?
Now my life is an open highway. Now you made me feel so free.
Did you know that once I met you, that you opened up the world for me?

So I saw that from the beginning, I'd do all I can.
Finally put pieces together, so I understand.
There've been times you made me get so nervous, wondering what to do.
There've been times you made me feel heroic, always there for you.

I want more than just a memory, just a footnote in the past.
There all kinds of possibilities. Something that I know could last.
You and I might go no further, or we may find that we're meant to be.
But since we met I know my guardian angel, is finally looking out for me.

I had lost my guiding compass. Nothing out there seemed quite right.
Now I've found the road to victory. Once again I can see the light.

Now my life is an open highway. Now my path is open sea. Now the world is an open doorway. There could be anything for me. Since you came, it all seems so easy, since you showed me a way to live. I never thought it would be so obvious. I'd forgotten I've so much to give. For you and I, this may be all that happens, or we may find that we're meant to be. But since we met I know my guardian angel, is finally looking out for me.

©2005 Douglas R. Barry